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05 May

Monsoon Summer 2015 Asia

Mt. Everest Weather

Monsoon Summer 2015 Asia forecast may be affected by the temperature of the Pacific Ocean a few thousand miles away. The Indian weather office in New Delhi projects a 70% probability that El Niño will continue throughout the monsoon season. The recurrent phenomenon leads to dry spells throughout much of Asia and some forecasts are

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11 Mar

Nepal best spring trekking weather

Everest Basecamp, Trekking Everest, Trekking Nepal

Nepal best spring trekking weather lies ahead this spring in Nepal. From mid-March to May, the weather will be fairly consistent: clear mornings with occasional afternoon clouds. Warmth, thanks to intensifying sun rays, and rain (snow- depending on freezing levels), primarily from quick, convective storm cells, will frequent the forecast. Most of the high passes

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