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12 Dec

Mt Everest Weather

Mt. Everest Weather, Trekking Everest

Mt Everest Weather- The world’s highest weather station, the South Col site is named after its location: the windswept, relatively snow-free pass between Mt. Everest and Lhotse, the Earth’s tallest and fourth tallest peaks. Sometimes erroneously called the Earth’s third pole, Mt. Everest hosts about a hundred climbs per year- a number that has been

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14 Nov

Mount Everest Winds- The Jet Stream

Everest Basecamp, Mt. Everest Weather

Mount Everest winds- The Jet Stream. What happens high on the slopes of Mount Everest is largely dependent on jet streams high up in the troposphere. The container of the Earth’s weather, the troposphere is four kilometers high at the poles and three times as high at the equator due to variations in barometric pressure.

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05 Sep

Reading Clouds and Barometer in the Field

Everest Basecamp, Mt. Everest Weather

Reading Clouds and Barometer in the Field High-tech radars, satellites and computers aren’t necessary to get a general feel of the weather. Analyzing cloud development and reading a barometer on site can yield several clues that can be used to build a near-term forecast. Evangelista Torricelli invented the barometer in 1643. One of his earlier

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07 Jul

Asia’s Monsoon 2015

Karakoram Range Weather, Mt. Everest Weather

Asia’s Monsoon 2015 has progressed, so far, unexpectedly. The Indian monsoon is advancing Faster than average and has delivered slightly more than normal rain. This is of vast economic importance to India, which is dependent on predictable rainfalls in order to meet GDP expectations and feed her own people. There are of course issues regarding

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05 May

Monsoon Summer 2015 Asia

Mt. Everest Weather

Monsoon Summer 2015 Asia forecast may be affected by the temperature of the Pacific Ocean a few thousand miles away. The Indian weather office in New Delhi projects a 70% probability that El Niño will continue throughout the monsoon season. The recurrent phenomenon leads to dry spells throughout much of Asia and some forecasts are

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11 Mar

Nepal best spring trekking weather

Everest Basecamp, Trekking Everest, Trekking Nepal

Nepal best spring trekking weather lies ahead this spring in Nepal. From mid-March to May, the weather will be fairly consistent: clear mornings with occasional afternoon clouds. Warmth, thanks to intensifying sun rays, and rain (snow- depending on freezing levels), primarily from quick, convective storm cells, will frequent the forecast. Most of the high passes

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