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Jimmy Chin

Credit: Jimmy Chin

I have used your services since 2004 with the first one on Everest in 2004, then Shark’s Fin (Himalaya region- India) climb in 2011, Baffin Island Canada in 2012 and recently in eastern islands of Russia Kuril in 2014. I have found your forecasts extremely accurate and these forecasts helped to contribute for our successful projects. I will certainly use your services in the future and would not hesitate to recommend your custom forecasts services to my colleagues.

-Jimmy Chin Expedition photographer and videographer, Victor, Idaho, 2013

Dear Michael;
We woke up for oatmeal and coffee at 8:30pm at the South Col (~26,000ft) on May 18th, 2016. We had very strong winds for much of the prior day and on this day we waiting for your forecast (Everest Weather) to come true and the winds to die down. Amazingly, at 6pm the winds completely stopped. Thanks again Michael for your accurate forecast as our team enjoyed the sunny summit with light winds. Everest Weather is my “go to source” for Everest and any other major summit.

Ben Jones, lead Everest guide” May 23, 2016

Dear Michael;
Thank you for your wonderful and very accurate weather forecasts for my climb K2 the summer of 2017. You helped make our expedition successful. I will work with you on future expeditions.

Mingma Gyalje Sherpa, Managing Director Dreamers Destination. August 27, 2017

Dear Michael;

The winds were exactly as you predicted on our summit day. Today at base camp (Manaslu) , Thursday the 4th, it’s lightly snowing as you again predicated. I think your forecast for Manaslu this season has been the most accurate I have ever used. I get access to one of the other forecasts but again his wind speeds were all over the place.

Phil Crampton, Katmandu, Nepal, October, 6, 2013

Thanks Michael for your excellent forecasts in the Himalaya during our filming (“Higher”) in the fall of 2013.  Jeremy and the crew appreciated it.

Brian Wulf, Teton Gravity Research, Wilson, Wyoming, November, 2014

Dear Everest Weather

Now that we are home, I wanted to thank you for the great weather forecasts this summer (2011). We were successful on the first ascent of Hispar Sar (6400 meters) in the Karakorum Mountains of Pakistan, due in no small part to your accurate forecasts. We needed a 72 hour weather window to pull this climb off, and you forecasted it perfectly. I will recommend your services to anyone heading over to the Karakorum or Himalayan mountains. Success in alpine climbing has a lot to do with timing. Failed attempts eat up energy and resources. Having you give us custom weather forecasts at crucial times helped us make good decisions, which ultimately led to a successful ascent.
Doug Chabot Doug Chabot, Profession: avalanche forecaster, Bozeman, MT
October, 30, 2011

Ian Welstad

Credit: Ian Welstad

On October 10, six inches of snow fell on base camp in six hours during a windy and violent thunderstorm as part of Cyclone Hudhud. Although we did not receive as intense a storm as the Annapurna area, where many fatalities occurred both due to avalanche and exposure, we were very glad to have accurate forewarning (Michael Fagin) of the event. We spent the days in base camp, occasionally having to shovel out our tents.

Thanks to Michael Fagin’s forecast and to our very experienced guide Ang Kaji Sherpa we sat out cyclone Hudhud in base camp. Ever seen a driving snowstorm with thunder and lightning?

From Alpinist -Style Attempts on the South Face of Nuptse, by Ian Welsted
Ian Welsted, Canmore, Alberta, October 15, 2014

Dear Michael Fagin (Everest Weather);
Thanks for your accurate weather forecast as they were a great help in picking the summit window. We had perfect weather and route conditions for our climb, and had the summit all to ourselves with little to no wind as we gazed for hundreds of miles in every direction, it was truly a magnificent experience, with a great team.  We would strongly recommend those climbing in the Karakorum and for  major mountains in the Himalaya  to use your weather services”.

Garrett Madison, Madison Mountaineering, January, 2015

Burleson recalls talking to Fagin from Alaska just before the largest group went up. “I said, ‘Do you know how much power you have? When you tell them to go (Everest), 200 people are going to risk their lives.’ If he had been off by one day and they had climbed on our summit day—May 20—there would have been 20 deaths. We would have been walking over them left and right. Someday that’s going to happen.

Outside Online, http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/climbing/mountaineering/everest-2012/Take-a-Number.html
Todd Burleson, President – owner, Alpine Ascents International, Seattle WA , 2012

patricia's global adventures

Credit: Patricia Stone

Our trekking team worked with www.EverestWeather.com to monitor weather on a regular basis.  Michael Fagin was our “Weather God” and provided updates on weather forecast, potential storms, etc. throughout our trek.

Patricia Stone, Chief Explorer, Global Adventuress, Seattle, WA, November 2014