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17 Aug

Tropical Storms

Mt. Everest Weather Forecasting, Trekking Everest, Trekking Nepal

The 2016 North Indian Ocean Cyclone Season The three names for tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones all refer to storms with the same characteristics and can bring harm to climbers and others. The titles reflect regional differences in describing the same phenomena. Hurricanes originate in the Atlantic Basin. Typhoons in the Pacific and Cyclones

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11 Mar

Nepal best spring trekking weather

Everest Basecamp, Trekking Everest, Trekking Nepal

Nepal best spring trekking weather lies ahead this spring in Nepal. From mid-March to May, the weather will be fairly consistent: clear mornings with occasional afternoon clouds. Warmth, thanks to intensifying sun rays, and rain (snow- depending on freezing levels), primarily from quick, convective storm cells, will frequent the forecast. Most of the high passes

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